THE BOY AND THE GIRL-.. Short story

I want to tell you a story.Its about a boy and a girl who don’t knew each other both of them get introduce through the social networking site and what happened exactly in their life.I want to tell you this story but I’m not sure if you’re ready to hear it or rather,appreciate it.I don’t know if you’ve been through enough heartache to understand what happened and to see that the boy and the girl were always meant to be together.True soulmates,who are intertwined for the rest of their lives,no matter what happens. I will tell you this story regardless with the hope that one day you could be this girl,or this boy and find what you have always been looking for and does exist,true love

29 of september,2017

As we all love to using the social networking site very much.The boy(named as SURAJ) was also using andlikes,, he had checked the chat list and saw that a cute girl (named as AYESHA) was online and then suraj send her a text .Ayesha responded immediately and then they are talking about there all likes,dislikes and study matters.unfortunately its good to heard that where she study one of my friend also study there in same institute at that time I’m lill happy.After that i had send my friend pictures to her and asked did you knew him or seen in a college. she didn’t recognize him after all she said hope my friends will knows him and they ended up writing back and forth all night. At last both of them introduce very well and then both Ayesha and Suraj became a good friends.

On next day Suraj gave his phone number for the sake of the joking to Ayesha if she didn’t like to gave her number and it will be okay to him because Suraj don’t wants to lose her that’s why Suraj gave his WhatsApp number and said if you likeAyeshatext here if u don’t then no need.she don’t refused Suraj and she agree to text him.

After some while she text to Suraj for now a days it is very hard to trust unknown people but she gave her number finally it is very grateful. Really it’s all about of trust.


Ayesha have several social networking sites which she deactivated all of them. Suraj don’t know why she did this and he was totally upset.He was thinking on his mind that is she don’t like him that’s why she blocked that kind of questions arise on his mind.

After some hours Ayesha activates her all accounts.when Suraj saw that he was feeling much happy is like no one was happier like him.And then Suraj asked her that why she deactivated all the accounts.she refused to tell at last she told that because of her recently breakup with her boyfriend whom she loves more than herself.That’s why she did all this. After that she always been upset and only Suraj was the men who makes laughed on her face .That will be very great thing that he did. Slowly slowly Suraj also falling for her he was started liking her but ,the Ayesha don’t knew about this. From that time they are mean to be very special for each other and both of them share their needs as well everything. And the Suraj scared to tell her feelings to Ayesha that he loves her a lot.He wants to be with her whole life at any cost because if she left her that’s why he scared a lot.

After some days Suraj finally confessed her that she loves hedeallot but Ayesha told that she don’t know what to say now because she already upset of her breakup.Really its a very big deal that she was suffering from.Its.not easy when someone heartbreak.And.finally she said that in future might be I you in my life but not now.And.Suraj reply that okay it will fine for me I will wait for you.

After that they talked friendly with each other like friends. Exam are head and both of them focused on their day Suraj lost his mobile phone while coming to home from college and the thing is that now how he able to get contact with Ayesha .Suraj ask for a new phone to his parents but they refused to gave him because exam was near to suraj..which will distract from.his study.Suraj was totally mad about this matter.The time was passes day by day.


Exam was over .Suraj buy a new phone.And he searching her phone number every where but it was hard to find because Ayesha deactivated her account and was not activated.Suraj gave text in their college groups chat.But no one replying which was very disappointment for Suraj and then Suraj contact with her friend who was studied in their institute and.he able to gave.her number and contact her which was delightful moment.

Both of them started talking with each other And Ayessha also understand that its only a love but Ayesha don’t show’s suraj that she also loved him.But suraj was able to know that Ayesha Also loves him. Finally on 29 December suraj again confessed her tell his feeling about Ayesha that he loves her and want to marry her in future And suraj gave her 2 days to think and answers him.she said OK to him.

I m eagerly waiting for her answer she will became a soulmate of suraj ??

I mean on 1 January 2018 ….at 12:00 AM Ayesha will answer that she loves suraj or not ….

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~~Are you fallen in love with someone???

~~Are you suffering from heart break???

some days are just bad days,that’s have to experience sadness to know happiness,and I remind myself that not every day is going to be a good day because if you wants then you will going to make a good day of yours it depend upon to you only,that is just way it is… !!!!

Today I wants to share my own poem.. .hope u guys liked it>>>>


The magical place where we first met.

Roaming the silent roadside,

Together that memorable night.

I am missing…oh you’re so far away.

If the dead of every lonely night.

I feel the silence and long to hear you.

When everybody is in deep sleep.

I toss and turn,happing only to see you in dreams.

I am missing …oh you’re so far away!

Oh my treasured one,

How I cherish to keep your memory deep in the core of my heart.

I am missing…oh no more be far away.

you know you’ve found true love when you catch yourself falling in love with the same person over and over again despite them being miles away from you.

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Love and Life

Love (pyaar) Jo ki sab log jante hein what does it mean .sab logo ne kabhi na kabhi kisise pyaar toh kiya he hein.Its a combination of 4 words which can make a word that is LOVE which is very easy to tell anyone but very very hard to deal with that.

In early decades we heard that pyaar “Love” bohot sachaa hote the ,pyaar karne walle ekk dusre k liye kuch bhi karne ko tayar the itni hi gehra the uun Dino mein pyaar ….Fir aaj 21century mein logo ko kya ho gaya.I really don’t know what’s wrong with people’s now a days .LOVE pyaar Jo ki itni sundar word ko badnam kar rahe ho feel by your heart not by your mind …life is for once live fullest as much u can don’t play with anyone’s heart.

It’s a positive vibes that comes from inner soul …now a days exactly what’s going on here I will tell you

Aaj kaal toh pyaar sabke liye ambaat ho gayi hein –“Ladka ne ladki ko dekha pasand ayaa challo iss paar try marte hein ladki ne bhi thora vhaou khana start kar diya 2 -3 days mein ladki bhi ladke ko paasand karne lagi bina background kuch bhi check kiye aur fir bike rides and all romance started phir kuch din baad ladki trust karke,boyfriend k kehne paar intimate hote hein usske thik kuch din baad ignore karna start finally break up and all happens who cares how will that girl suffer from .now a days thats why some of girls are doing suicide Jo ki bohot galat hein ” this is happening right now which is very shamefull.

Girls please awareness laou life mein main reason kiya hein maloom hein in sabke piche “for both boys and girls this all thing happens due to you are treated by wrong lifepartner” if you are treated by right people you will surely gets your soulmate which they will live with you whole life at any cost they not even let you go anywhere.

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